Adrianka or more widely known as “Anka” is a veteran in the digital imaging scene. Starting his creative journey as an intern, this line of work wasn't exactly a case of love at first sight. It was after he saw his senior's works that he started to feel a spark, as he was in awe of the endless possibilities to make exciting images work the way they do.

    His passion, persistency and an exceptional eye for detail has refined his expertise in digital imaging. His portfolio has won both national and international awards, too.

    2010 was the year he decided to share this passion with other aspiring D.I. Artists by founding TandaSeru. In his free time, he loves working on his bike while eating tahu telor made by his wife Yoyo.



    William or Iyem, fell in love with digital imaging in college. He was blown away by the magic of image manipulation. He fell in love even more when he found out that digital imaging is an integral part of visual advertising. Since then, he decided to become a professional digital imaging artist.

    After study tour to TandaSeru, he saw the oppurtunity to grow and achieve his goal there. That is why he chose to start his career as an intern at TandaSeru

    After his internship, he decided to continue to work at TandaSeru, he has great eye and passion when working on Product & Automotive Layouts. Now he has matured his craft to a point TandaSeru can be proud of.



    Tony Ariawan never had any formal education background on art and design, he is absolutely self-tought on it. What he has only a strong passion and interest on digital art. But that was enough to made his decision to having carrer as digital artist. A senior in digital art scenery, his speciality is digital light painting.


    A hot and spicy food lover and his trademark is strom trooper and star wars die hard fans, he has tons of collection on it.



    Hans’s passion over DI started when he likes to draw realistic digital painting as hobby using Photoshop and one of his friend suggest him to expand his crafting skill on image manipulation. Soon after he began more and more interested in digital imaging and decided to apply at TandaSeru as intern student. He pursuing his passion by joining to TandaSeru right away after he finished his college.


    He felt lucky to have career as DI Artist. “Perhaps I will open up a studio rental equipment if I give up my passion in digital imaging” he said.


    A chicken satay lover, Hans like to go hunting and eat a good culinary in his free time. His biggest dream is snacking whatever he like without adding more to his body weight.

Year : 2019
Brand : Honda Genio
Client : Astra Honda Motor
Agency : Hakuhodo Indonesia
Photographer : Orent Imaging & Hira Imaji
Others : --


Jakarta - Indonesia