Born in 1989, Yovita Delarosa’s first encounter with Photoshop is in junior high school. She edited herself and her friend into a Liverpool FC team photo, because it was her dream to sing YNWA in the notorious Anfield stadium.Her career began as an intern DI artist then she decided to further her career by moving to TandaSeru. She has work on major projects for Biore, Pixy, A Mild, with her works she has earned our pride to claim her as our beauty and fashion specialist.

    She decided to grow her digital imaging career by moving to TandaSeru, and indeed she grows. Since then she has work with more clients and focusing in her interest that is beauty & fashion Digital Imaging. This happy-go lucky girl enjoy working in TandaSeru so much because not only the daily free food she can get, but also the different challenge every work brings excite her.



    William or Iyem, fell in love with digital imaging in college. He was blown away by the magic of image manipulation. He fell in love even more when he found out that digital imaging is an integral part of visual advertising. Since then, he decided to become a professional digital imaging artist.

    After study tour to TandaSeru, he saw the oppurtunity to grow and achieve his goal there. That is why he chose to start his career as an intern at TandaSeru

    After his internship, he decided to continue to work at TandaSeru, he has great eye and passion when working on Product & Automotive Layouts. Now he has matured his craft to a point TandaSeru can be proud of.



    At first, Fenna Herawati never thought about having a career in Digital Imaging Industry. But that changed after her Experimental Photography class in college. She was asked to do a layout of her choice as an assignment, and what she brought as a reference was a liquid image, which turned out to be quite challenging. So she spent all her effort and time to do her assignment, starting from creating the liquid splash to final artwork she did it all by herself. When she finished, she felt very satisfied. From there she decided that she would become a professional DI Artist.

    She is most proud of her work for Kecap Bango, with it Fenna win Bronze in Citra Pariwara. She is still aiming for gold. When not busy working on her image, you can find her hunting new culinary experiences with her friends. If you want to check out her work you can click here.

Year : 2016
Brand : Tri Festival #Ambisiku
Client : Huchison 3 Indonesia
Agency : Pantarei Communication
Photographer : Himawan Prawira
D.I. Artist : Yovita Delarosa SEE PROFILE
: William Limandjaja SEE PROFILE
: Fenna Herawati SEE PROFILE
Others : --

Festival #Ambisiku merupakan wujud dedikasi Tri pada generasi muda Indonesia melalui sebuah rangkaian program yang merangkul beragam ambisi dan saling menginspirasi untuk Indonesia yang lebih baik. Apa Ambisimu?

Unfortunately there are no available video for this project


The Blessed Kav. 1C, Jalan Nusa Jaya I - Pondok Ranji

Ciputat Timur - Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia 15412